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New Satin Fabric

I tested a shiny satin fabric this run. I absolutely loooove how they turned out! I also added the polka dot fabric inside to add extra pizzazz! Hope you enjoy them!

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Custom Fabric!

  Its the new year! I have designed 4 custom fabric bags that will be released in the month of January! The theme is Celestial Winter! Be on the lookout for this collection to drop soon! Follow us on Social media @fifeandcompany for sneak peaks of these designs!   

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New eco bags

Why are we making bags now? Creative people love to do.... creative things! I have made soap for soooo long, but I have painted, made candles, did graphic design, scrapbook pages, and even made signs and vinyl decals before. Ornaments, jewelry, wreaths, clay, metalwork.  And YES taught myself to sew a costume for a medieval festival.  I have always loved patterns and colors, and design.  Mainly it was computer graphics, or scrapbook paper.  So the point is, art is my history. Its a big part of who I am.  With the recent legislation regarding the use of single use plastic bags, we have been forced to use reusable bags every single trip. I had used them before, we sold them...

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Winter Show Dates

We will be displaying new products and fun Candy Land themed items at two festivals this winter: Springfield Country Club  -  December 9th 4-9 Suffield Middle School Holiday Boutique - December 13th 10-6   We will also be adding a Soapen House at a date TBD before Christmas for last minute gifts!

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