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Mrs. Fife

Tarynn has had an entrepreneurial spirit for her entire life. If you ask her mother, a fellow artist, you will hear stories of her having tag sales in her yard with stickers at a very early age. Lemonade stands. Handmade cards. And eventually a real craft show in 8th grade selling clay ornaments and ribbon and lace vintage ornaments. The "bug" just got worse from there. 

With the birth of her first son, she found herself able to really get into shows, and small business.  She did graphics, scrapbooking, and eventually started a small soy candle company. After 3 more children, and years of learning about bath and body products, she opened a store with her mother. For 3 years they ran that little shop and enjoyed the time together. Having had open houses, spa parties, and developing a great line of retro designed products.  Her original "Soapy Cake" was a customer favorite selling thousands a year. 

She has studied under some of the soap industries finest teachers, taking classes in NYC and contining her progression of soap making from artistic melt and pour, to making her soap from scratch using the old fashioned cold processed way.

Tarynn has now been in the bath and body industry for over 10 years, with a  focus on natural, healthy products. She was going "green" before it was cool.  She is an artist at heart, with a great love for art and design. Recently inspired by history, she has grown to love the 1920s.  Reading all about the Progressive Era has become a passion for her on this life journey. She is taking her inspiration from the The Larkin Soap Company. Pioneers in the soap industry,  they had an entrenched belief of helping families and supporting the American worker. 

"The primary goal of Fife & Company is to make our community mark. Primarily with women and mothers, being one myself, I am extra passionate about helping mothers stay close to their children, and still support their family as needed. Lifes curveballs have really made me want to make this happen here and now. As they say, the struggle is real!"


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