My message

My Message 

It's time. It's time to be brave and shine, even in the darkness. The world NEEDS your light.  Humanity NEEDS your light. 


Fashion has a voice.  Fashion says something even when it doesnt SAY something.  It can be a status symbol.  It can show support for causes.  It CAN be a voice for good.  For change. Fashion has an impact.  Human, Animal, and Environment. Its up to each person to CHANGE the narrative. Even small changes can make noticeable differences if everyone does it. Many industries have been disrupted by small ideas. 

We need more conversation. We need more connection.  We need to have purpose! 

I have been drawn to create conversation and not only spread happiness, but also kindness, love, and faith.  I created Tarynn Michelle because I discovered a love of fashion, sewing, and creating.  Through God's love and grace he has guided me towards making bags that say more than just your average bag. To change the story.  Educate people on things that effect other humans, are hurtful to animals, and arent adding value to this world. 

Follow my blog to learn more about where I get fabric, notions, and antiques I use for my bags. I am on a quest to learn and educate. History can teach us a thing or two. 

Grace is truly the answer to all our problems. Grace is kindness.  Grace is forgiveness.  Grace is self love. Grace is free.  

 And as always! I want to continue to use not only my funds, but also my platform, to bring attention to Hope 4 Kids International. An outstanding world wide program that helps children and villages all across the globe with work, schooling, basic needs, and most importantly, things we take for granted, like clean fresh water. 

I hope you will join me on this journey and fall in love with my designs and purpose. 

Pop on over to my instagram to watch life unfold, open and honest, just living and spreading my messages of encouragement, growing in grace,  and my faith!  

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