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New eco bags

Why are we making bags now? Creative people love to do.... creative things! I have made soap for soooo long, but I have painted, made candles, did graphic design, scrapbook pages, and even made signs and vinyl decals before. Ornaments, jewelry, wreaths, clay, metalwork.  And YES taught myself to sew a costume for a medieval festival.  I have always loved patterns and colors, and design.  Mainly it was computer graphics, or scrapbook paper.  So the point is, art is my history. Its a big part of who I am. 

With the recent legislation regarding the use of single use plastic bags, we have been forced to use reusable bags every single trip. I had used them before, we sold them in our shop years back.  But I made a trip to Target and forgot my bags and looked for reusable bags I liked. No where to be found! So I thought, I will sell bags! Not plain bags. Fun fun fun! And after discussing the idea with my best friend, she thought what if you put them in a really cool sewn pattern bag.  Because the reality is - I forget them. I make unplanned trips.  I buy more than I expect. You name it. What can I do to ensure I remember my bags. Put a clip and never forgot atleast 1 bag again.  

After sewing over a dozen bags, sizes, shape, adding fluff, too much fluff, skip the fluff. etc. I created a good size, economical, and fun patterns.  I also found a great reusable bag to include that is large enough for 1 small trip.  Stay tuned for larger size bags that will hold atleast 4reusable bags. Great for a full shopping trip!

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