Tarynn Michelle

Here at Tarynn Michelle, I design and sew all the bags myself.  I have been known to "hire" a few minors that live with me to trace and cut pieces, put wires on charms, and die cut a few vinyl shapes. The perk of a mom who can teach business and work ethic! 

All my designs are one of a kind, unique art pieces.  Designing is my favorite part. Truly. I love colors, and patterns, and textures and putting it all together.

I find fabric, well, everywhere. I love buying vintage fabric, remnants, historical pieces, odd materials, fabric that was saved in basements, attics, fabric from tag sales, fabric donated, you name it.  I want it.  Treasures! I enjoy the hunt.  A little too much id say. But is that really a thing? I also buy a few select  eco printed fabrics when I need certain designs. 

I love to support other small businesses. From art, to tools, to hardware, to vinyl.  I know where I buy it, and I make that conscious choice.  I love to see others succeed. 

 As I have said before, we need to change the narrative. We need to educate ourselves where we buy our clothing, our accessories, our decor, and do better.  Supporting small businesses will cost you more, but there is a very good reason. I always say when it comes to finding things cheap, SOMEONE had to make that. Ask yourself would you make that for $5? Find little ways to start changing the narrative. Support your small businesses.  Cut out 2 cheap things so you can buy 1 small business thing.  Or save up a little longer instead of buying it instantly.  Love your neighbor! Were all in this together and everyone deserves your kindness!