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Tarynn Michelle

If not now, when? 

It's time. It's time to be brave and shine, even in the darkness. The world NEEDS your light.  Humanity NEEDS your light. 


I started Tarynn Michelle because I wanted to create clothing and accessories that make people smile with bright colors and bold designs.  I love vintage and retro styles and patterns.  But I am very focused on WHO is making your clothes, defeating fast fashion and waste culture, and the impact these things have on the earth. Its hard to navigate fashion in a world where fashion itself is consumerism.  I have learned that that alone is not a negative. Its how you use your purchasing power for good that matters.  

Make a conscious choice to know WHO is making your clothes, HOW are your clothes made, WHO or WHAT is harmed by your choices. Fashion has an impact.  Human, Animal, and Environment. Its up to each person to CHANGE the narrative. Even small changes can make noticeable differences if everyone does it. Many industries have been disrupted by small ideas. 

As noble as that goal alone is, I felt personally it wasn't enough. We need more conversation. We need more connection.  We need more Jesus! 

I have been drawn to create conversation and not just spread happiness, but also spread faith. All those who might feel alone, who are suffering in silence. Those people, not unlike myself, need to understand that God is walking with them, just waiting for you to grab his hand. 

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

It's time to be brave.  It's time to shout your convictions from the roof top.  Its time for you to show the world and be proud in what you believe.  Have pride in your work, have faith in your journey, and be fearless in your expressions! 

In this world #belouder


"Generous persons will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed." --Proverbs 11:25

And as always! I want to continue to use not only my funds, but also my platform, to bring attention to Hope 4 Kids International. An outstanding world wide program that helps children and villages all across the globe with work, schooling, basic needs, and most importantly, things we take for granted, like clean fresh water. 

I hope you will join me on this journey and fall in love with my designs and purpose. 

Pop on over to my instagram to watch life unfold, open and honest, just living and spreading my messages of encouragement and my love of Jesus. 

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